It's Cold Outside

January 02, 2014

Have to say that it's refreshing seeing all four seasons now. I haven't seen that in over 20 years. And though snow isn't a factor as much as the rain, it does get cold and so I'm unpacking coats and heavier jackets.

I love fur around the collars of both jackets.

Instead of piles of snow, we typically get rain in the winter. That's fine with me and the one thing I have embraced since moving here is my new wardrobe. I enjoy dressing in layers, cause I get to play around with colors. I've been obsessed with scarves lately too.

Next thing to work on are some sneakers with grips for the terrain!

photos from Microsoft Clipart Gallery

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Knitting Basics

Knitting Basics

I'm still a new knitter and as such, I think this basic information is vital to getting starting and enjoying it. And, a great reference guide for advanced knitters.



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 Yarns from Felici Self Striping Yarn from Knit Picks



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