Crocheting Jewelry

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Crochet Jewelry

I really like crochet jewelry but I confess this is one artform I haven't mastered or even come close to mastering...not that I've mastered crochet but I'm just better at crocheting anything but a necklace! LOL! However, that doesn't stop me from trying to learn.

Crochet Jewelry

So, I researched until I found a video tutorial on how to crochet my own beads. I've linked it to the bottom of this post in case you're interested.

Crochet jewelry

I also like the fact that you can crochet around a chain necklace using beads to make a statement necklace as in the picture below.

Crochet jewelry

Here's the video tutorial on crocheting a beaded necklace, this is a great technique and once you learn it, you can change it up and make more beads on the necklace, use variegated yarns, whatever your little heart desires!

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Posted by Kim McDougal, Crocheter, Knitter, Crafter. on Friday, March 31, 2017


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