Projects I Loved Making: Day 3

May 18, 2016

Poodle Collection: Crochet Scarf

My last project in this week's series! This scarf was part of my Poodle Collection. I called it that because of the yarn choice. I used Lion Brand's Homespun Thick and Quick and a very large crochet hook, a P hook to be exact. When I first was introduced to this line of yarn, I didn't like it much. I found it hard to work with.

Poodle Collection: Crochet Scarf

Then, I saw a video on YouTube for a similar pattern using the Homespun yarn and what I liked best is that you're working in the spaces between the stitches. Because the yarn is so frilly, you can't see the stitches as easily so you have to feel for them. But working in spaces makes it very easy and thus that's the key to using this yarn and enjoying working with it.

Poodle Collection: Crochet Scarf

I made this scarf quite long so that it can be wrapped around a couple of times. It came out so pretty and the yarn is soft but yet keeps me warm. I made this specifically for me to wear and it comes with a matching hat which I'll share in a future post.

Poodle Collection: Crochet Scarf

Also, because this is a super bulky yarn, using larger hooks are what you need, I would suggest a hook size from N (9, 10mm) up to a Q (16 mm). You might even be able to use an S speed hook. If you're getting started in crochet, read my post "Crochet Basics".

Poodle Collection: Crochet Scarf

I added the fringe on the ends, however I had to tie little knots at the ends because this yarn will fray on the ends and had I really understood that, I might have not added them but after completing the scarf. But, once I got to the end, I just was too lazy to take the fringe off! But this yarn does make pretty pom poms which is an alternative to the fringe.

Poodle Collection: Crochet Scarf

So, what's your favorite yarn? Do you like crochet thread?, Bulky/super bulky yarns? Is there a favorite brand you like... Lion Brand, Red Heart, Bernat, Caron, or another brand? Tell me about it by commenting below!

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Knitting Basics

Knitting Basics

I'm still a new knitter and as such, I think this basic information is vital to getting starting and enjoying it. And, a great reference guide for advanced knitters.



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