Craft your Home with Yarn

December 02, 2016

Yarn isn't just for making hats and scarfs anymore, but has other uses. I absolutely love using it in my home decor! I've seen beautiful knitting and embroidery floss wall hangings.

Yarn Crafts from Leisure Arts has a downloadable book with yarn ideas like: how to wrap it around bottles or hoops, weave it through a web of spokes, bundle it into plump pom-poms — even tie it into hair to turn a pony tail into a snazzy braid!

I own a few books from Leisure Arts and I really like how they lay out patterns, easy to read and clear pictures. I have their loom knitted pattern book so I definitely recommend them if you're looking for simple, easy to read and understand pattern books.

This book is regular $5.99 but on sale now for $3 and I think the patterns will make a quick handcrafted gift perfect for the holidays!

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Knitting Basics

Knitting Basics

I'm still a new knitter and as such, I think this basic information is vital to getting starting and enjoying it. And, a great reference guide for advanced knitters.



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 Yarns from Felici Self Striping Yarn from Knit Picks



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