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Creating is my life! I’ve worked in various industries throughout my career, but I think this is the best place I’ve ever been in. I'm not doing this full time YET, but that’s a goal I’m working hard at.

Making a Career Change

For a long time, I wanted to move from graphic design into an art form that I could do with my hands so I prayed for years for that to happen. Finally, I’m in my element and I’m so thankful to God for that. It didn’t happen until we left the east coast and came here to the west coast that I found my niche. It was a crafting class the women of my church formed and at the end of year sell all we make to support the women’s ministry. It started with crocheting and that is still my biggest love. Now, I’ve grown into other fabric arts like knitting, fiber arts, paper crafts, and hopefully eventually sewing! I’m learning that now.

My Current Projects

Before I got wise and bought the domain, I had separate blogs (below) for all the projects I was doing which became time consuming to keep up with and in the end made no sense. Now, I combine my interests here and treat it as my artist canvas.

Styling Modest. It's modest fashion with a twist…I love style, but still I want to look feminine and presentable for The Lord Jesus is my main objective.

I love to share what clothes I like and beauty/hair ideas too. Hopefully any Christian lady or anyone who likes to look modest and beautiful at the same time can find inspiration here. I actually grew up as a tomboy...a serious tomboy, never playing with girls and I wore t-shirt and jeans all through high school. It wasn't until I was about 19 that I began to embrace being a lady.

I enjoy playing with clothes and accessories and at one time, I owned hundreds of shoes! However, I never have had a complete wardrobe like I do now. I had work clothes but when it came to casual or formal, I didn't have pieces to wear. It’s funny how my life has changed since moving here to Oregon. I rebuilt my entire wardrobe and 80% of it came through a free clothing ministry, thrift stores, and gifting. This made it possible for me to build outfits for day, evening, formal, casual, business, and even just hanging around the house. I’m so blessed!

Kim’s Crochets. It all started here! I've been crocheting since I was 12 but off and on until I moved to Oregon in 2012. Since then, I can’t go a day without crocheting something and it can be as simple as a dishcloth to complex like a bolero! 

I remember only making shawls. It was the only pattern I knew how to do and so I didn't learn much else. I didn't know how to read patterns and so I quit crocheting for a long time. After moving to the west coast and joining a crafting class, I learned so much more and even how to read patterns. From there, I have grown into knitting on looms, arm knitting, and with needles. Now, I sell my handmade items. Visit the Shop page!

Growing Up in Grace. This blog was started to share how God’s grace feels my life. I gave my life to Jesus in 1985 and through the years I have seen my faith go up and down. Still, I know what my life was like before then. It was not pretty. Jesus saved me from chronic manic depression and suicide + self-destruction, and heavy metal. He’s helped me overcome growing up in fear and anguish. His Grace is what I love to write about. 

Jesus is my heart and soul and I want to learn more and more about His awesome grace. I gave my life to Jesus at age 25 and since then I've been through a lot but never have I felt lost since becoming a born-again Christian. I was delivered from manic depression, heavy metal, fear, sex, clubbing, and even the years that I backslid after my first husband’s death. The Lord never left me! I share the lessons I've learned and am still learning and my goal is to inspire and uplift my readers. I want you to know being a Christian doesn't mean you do everything right, but you do try.

Thanks for reading!

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Posted by Kim McDougal, Crocheter, Knitter, Crafter. on Friday, March 31, 2017


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