February 2014 Crochet & KNIT Lookbook

February 07, 2014

So proud to add loom knitting and arm knitting to the Lookbook! So here's what I've made in February! ENJOY! Visit my website, "Kim's Crochets" to see more and keep up with latest fashions I'm making! 

My FIRST Crocheted Crocodile Purse with Button Flap

Crochet Sashay "Jazzy" Ruffled Purse

The rest of these items were all arm knitted!

"Milkshake" Sashay Arm Knitted Scarf with Pom Poms

Gray Sashay Arm Knitted Scarf with Ruffled Edges
Red & White Striped Arm Knitted Scarf with Sashay Pom Poms Edges

"Midnight" Arm Knitted Cowl
Sashay Arm Knitted Necklace with Beaded Edges
"Spicy" Fiery Red Arm Knitted Ruffled Edge Scarf

Cell Phone Covers

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