Crochet and Knit Lookbook - July 2014

I've been having so much fun re-discovering the past with flapper/cloche hats, getting in touch with my boho side with arm knitted headbands, crocheting with fabric, and I'm starting to make t-shirt yarn! There's more to tell but I'll put it in another post! LOL! For now...

Take a look at July's Lookbook! And, be sure to visit my Etsy store in the SHOP!

Crocheted Sashay scarf with Red Heart Fabric
Hat I crocheted for my friend Norma who was battling cancer and passed away July 25, 2014.

Crocheted Flapper Hat where I weaved a scarf through to dress it up!
Love this yarn, it's Caron Jumbo Easter Basket, so soft!
My 2nd Crocheted Flapper Hat that I weaved a black/white polka dot scarf through!

Crocheted Flapper Hat with a red/white polka dot scarf!
Crocheted Flapper Hat with Purple Print scarf 
My 1st Crocheted Flapper Hat with my own Design! I'm so proud!

I Love Arm Knitting! So, I got inspired to arm knit some headbands boho style! I tied them on the back with large colored beads. They work up incredibly fast!

Fall Colors Boho Beaded Headband

Blue/Purple Boho Beaded Headband

The Blues Boho Beaded Headband

My "Festive-inspired" Boho Beaded Headband

My "Formal-inspired" Boho Beaded Headband

My "Formal-inspired" Boho Beaded Headband with Carlotta's hair up