Blast from the Past: Hats Inspired from Down Memory Lane

Blast from the Past Hats

I love old movies, love black and white TV growing up and one of the things about fashion I love is how the women and men dressed back in the day. I had never been a hat person, just didn't think they looked good on me.

But, when I began crocheting again, I saw many patterns and videos on making cloche and flapper hats women wore back then. I delved in and started making and wearing them. I love a challenge so I bought this pattern for $6.99 to make a cloche hat, but unfortunately I was very disappointed that it wasn't written well and I had a hard time following it. I felt like giving up many times, but I decided to keep going. I ended up abandoning the pattern changing it by looking at the pictures in the pattern.

I had to alter the pattern a lot to get the effect I was after. I had this large wooden button that I kept in a jar, cause I thought I could use it for something. This hat was perfect for it! The hat was crocheted as a beanie to start, but after getting to the ears is where it changed. One side was crocheted longer than the other.

I rolled up the other side and sewed it into the hat to give the left side a little more dimension.



The last part was to cynch up right side and sew it together and then add the button. I was pretty happy with how it turned out.

I think the hat looks better on my mannequin than me!