Hair, Hair, Hair.

hair. beauty.I struggled for years with my hair and beauty in general. Never knowing how I wanted to look so I went from short to long, to black to blue to orange and for a long time I fried my hair. Hair is a woman's identity in my book and it truly defines me. God must love hair on ladies too for He said it is our "covering".

Taking care of our hair is so important, because when you're young you don't think about the damage some of these products will do long term. I'm way into my 50s and I feel the remnants of stupid decisions about my mane! Good thing extensions are the "in" thing now because back in the day, they were not. We used to have to hide them really good and other girls would ask "is that your real hair?" That used to annoy me because in my mind, if it's on my head, then it's mine. It's like asking a couple who adopted a child, "is that your real child?" How do you think they would answer such a question?
hair. beauty.

So, I've been sporting clip-in bangs for about a few months and I love them! Big hair is what I know looks good on me and there's so many different styles out there to choose from. I just ordered a longer length of bangs from a new company on eBay and hopefully I'll have them next Tuesday to try out. UPDATE: the bangs worked out! I even bought some 24" clip in extensions from a company called OneDor that sells on Amazon. They're based in California and the hair is so nice and can take low heat levels on curling irons.

hair. beauty.

There's a few things I have learned now that I do to take better care of my locks and one is, I stopped blow drying. I also cut down on using the curling iron and when I do use it, I lower the heat level and use a heat spray on my hair beforehand. I love Tresemme Heat Protectant.

Excessive heat just breaks my hair off and leaves it dry and brittle. I just take my time and let my hair air dry. I typically do it at night so that it's like the last thing I do before I go to bed. I also was given packages of olive oil that from a beauty supply store in Florida when we lived there. It's a gel that comes in packets and you just rub a little in your hands and put on the scalp and through the hair. It makes it soft, silky, and moisturized. I try to do this once a week. I love the scent of it!

And, it's equally important to take care of our extensions whether they be human or synthetic hair. Maybe more important since the hair is on a track and not coming from the scalp. So, I try really hard to take time out for my hair because extensions can last months with care. Have shiny, healthy hair not only will look good, but makes you feel good too! We're not just stewards over the money God gives us but also our hair, body, and how we dress. I want to look my best for Jesus!