Keeping It Natural

May 12, 2015

I follow quite a few beauty gurus on YouTube and I've noticed one thing that's familiar and that is sporting a more natural look so that the makeup doesn't have to stand out so much. I wear eyeliner and lipstick and once in a great while eyeshadow, but for the most part I like going out more natural and I don't like product on my face. My skin is extra, extra dry too so I worry that at the end of the day my skin will crack. It's done it before!

The model (pictured above) is wearing eye makeup, but the lipstick is a nice pale color that looks very subtle. I'm planning to look for a more natural lipstick or lip gloss for myself really soon.

This palette is from Cheek Room called Nude Brown. I like the shade.


This is another palette I like. My hubby doesn't like a lot of makeup on me cause he doesn't want to kiss the product, so I try to ensure I put very little on to give me a bit of color while not coming off on everything my lips touch. It's cool to experiment with different colors and shades. So what's your favorite nude lipstick?

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