Care for Your Hair and Soul.

I've always been obsessed with my hair and I don't remember ever being quiet happy with it either. I'm so glad I'm older now and wiser, haa haa! My hair has gone through a long journey with coloring, perms, years of blow drying, hot oil treatments, and curling irons! I ended up doing a LOT of damage to my hair. I had to stop using quite a lot in order to get my hair strong again. There's a lot of products now available that wasn't when I was younger and more acceptable like extensions, wigs, and weaves. I love wearing extensions, because I LOVE LOVE LOVE big hair! Adding more volume through extensions is better than teasing.

Still, whether it be extensions, weaves, or own hair, it still needs care. I'll share with you some of my tips. Now, it will be different for you, so do what is best for you and use the products that give you the best results. For me, I had to to take a whole new approach.
  • First off, I quit blow drying. I now air dry my hair and extensions. The heat made my ends brittle and dried out my hair. To use it on extensions just weakens the hair and because it's not growing, excessive blow drying will just end up frying the hair.
  • I minimize when I use a curling iron. I used to curl my hair everyday and sometimes twice a day because I could never keep a curl. Now, I just allow my hair to do what it does. If I want to curl it, I use Tresemme Heat Protectant first. It also has a pleasant scent when added to the hair.
  • I minimize when I use hairspray. Again, it just made my hair dry and brittle. When I want volume, I can add human hair clip-in extensions or machine weaves. This way I can have my big hair more naturally and healthy.
  • I add olive oil once a week to my hair. I managed to get some packets of this from a beauty supply store and I squeeze just a little on my hand and run it through my hair through to the scalp. It moisturizes my hair and also adds shine to it.
  • I don't wash and condition my hair everyday. Actually, I've heard that once a week is good enough and it will make the extensions last longer.
  • I will braid my hair at night. This is a great little trick to keep my hair from tangling as I sleep. I would have fits brushing my hair watching chunks of it left on the brush!

The Bible says that our hair is our glory (1 Corinthians 11:15). I think it means that for women, our hair defines us and expresses our style. The Lord made us in His own image and beautiful we are to Him.

And one last thing I try to do is not spend hours and hours on my hair. I used to do that and I can't tell you how many hours I spent in front of the mirror. Obsession is never a good thing, so I've learned and still learning that once I style my hair, I leave it alone. I find that if I keep primping and prodding, I end up making my hairstyle worse and I end up not liking it afterwards.

That's why this post is two-fold: caring for our hair with the right products is essential like caring for your car would be, but with that is not to be an obsession that I'm spending way too much time on my looks and not enough time with God. Take care of my hair and soul.