Elegance and Excellence

There's something about dressing up formally that makes me feel almost like a princess. I embrace being a woman and I love all things girly. It wasn't always that way and I'm glad my mother didn't force me to give up my tomboyish ways! She let me discover my womanhood at my pace. But, she was there for me as I got older to answer questions and help me find my style. It's changed over all those years, but not the fact that I love to dress up, even wearing hats every Sunday to church.

Modesty to me doesn't mean frumpy. I'm so glad that there are designers that realize that. As a Christian woman, my first desire is to look my best to represent Christ on earth. He laid out specific guidelines for how we ought to dress. Also, as women we do tend to spend a lot of time and money on our hair, skin, and wardrobe.

When I was in my 20s, I spent hours on my makeup and wouldn't be caught dead going a few feet to the mailbox! Today, I'm much more simpler. It's not as important to spend so much time on my outside appearance, but more on my inside which is where the "Excellence" in my post comes from. God calls us to have a purpose in life and it's not just to look pretty. Whatever we do: our jobs, ministry work, running a household, parenting, or volunteer work...we should perform our tasks with excellence. I've noticed in these last days how hard it is to find really good customer service. Back in the day, reps would go out of their way to help. Today, it's different.

So my motto is and I hope yours too, is too look elegant no matter if it's a casual outfit or a formal ceremony and to work hard with excellence. At the end of the day, when I've done those two things, I feel good about myself and I believe it puts a smile on the face of Jesus too.