Painting my Nails

Painting my nails

Coloring my nails is one of my favorite girly things to do. I look at new colors all the time and so at my local dollar store the other day, I had to peek to see what was there and was delighted to see some shades I didn't have. 

My skin color has a golden brownish and sometimes reddish tone so I tend to go for the darker, richer colors rather than the pastels. I love pastels and neutrals, but they just don't look right against my skin color.

My favorite shades are the dark purples, blues, and blacks. However, I got this silver colored nail polish that actually looks pretty good. My favorite brand is Revlon's ColorStay. The nail color really lasts the longest than others I've tried like LA Colors, Wet N Wild, or Revlon's Brilliant Strength.

Painting my Nails

Pink is my favorite color, however I wear the mid-to dark-tones to give me a nice contrast. I'm getting into a little more funkier look by adding glitter to my nail color which also helps to last longer. I got some silver and gold glitter, but the silver shows up the best on my nails. The gold doesn't so I haven't used it much.

Painting my nails also just calms me down, don't know why that is, but I really enjoy it. It's like my hands are the canvas, the nail color is the paintbrush, and I'm the artiste!