Modest Fashion Doesn't Mean Frumpy

Growing up with big feet and being tall didn't mean I would look classy and stylin' in grade school. In fact at that time, the clothes and shoes for big girls was scarce and they didn't look good at all! I grew up with a terrible complex because of it. And, I thought how unfair it was for me to not look like my girlfriends with tiny, dainty feet and shorter and skinnier. I'm glad fashion changed as girls were developing more so taller and needed larger shoe sizes.

Also, what about the plus sizes? Why did we have to be punished with frumpy clothes just because we weren't a size 2 dress size and size 7 shoe?! I was so glad when the trends changed. Now that I can crochet, I'm even happier. I'm sharing some "modest, not frumpy outfits" in this post today! Check em out!

Beautiful Crochet Dress
I love this dress!

Pretty Design on these heels
Zea - Fuchsia Size 8

There's so many pretty clothes for women like me who want to look pretty no matter how tall or how big I am!