Aluminum Crochet Hooks vs. Plastic vs. Crystalite vs. Ergonomic

Crochet hooksWhen I injured my wrist a couple of years ago, I had to change from using all my aluminum hooks. My tension with them was way too tight and after using them for a period of time, not only did my wrist hurt, but even my hand would burn. I wasn't sure what to change to so I tried a few different types. Plastic was what I thought I would end up with, but then I remember standing in my local Fred Meyer's when I saw these Crystalite crochet hooks set and decided to try them instead. I must admit, it was the pretty colors that initially drew my attention! LOL!
Crystalite Crochet Hooks

Little did I know these would start a love affair for me. They are shaped to fit the hand nicely and they're warm too. I use the larger size set the most and I noticed they are longer in length than the aluminum ones. I LOVE THAT! It makes me feel like I'm really holding something in my hand.

You can purchase the L - P set from my Amazon store by clicking here!  Purchase the F - K size hooks in my store here!

Now moving onto the ergonomic sets...I've seen these around and have heard other crocheters swear by them. I personally haven't used them, but they also look like a good set to try out.

Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

Made by Crochet Nest, these hooks have been ergonomically designed for increased comfort, the soft non-slip cushioned handles with rubber grips to enable pro-longed use without pain or numbness, perfect for Arthritis & Carpal Tunnel sufferers. This set includes the B - J hook sizes. And if you purchase this set through my Amazon store, it comes with a downloadable instruction booklet. Click here to get yours!

And we can't forget the wooden crochet hooks! Deborah Norville by Premier Yarns is the set I recommend (pictured below).Deborah Norville Wooden Crochet Hooks made by Premier Yarns

There is no right or wrong types of hooks, just what works for each person. Plus, there are other things we can do to relieve any pain like hand exercises, taking longer breaks, even easing up on your tension. I also stopped using really small hooks and I concentrate on sizes J - S. I like working with bulky and super bulky yarns anyways. For the sizes P - S, I use plastic. I just got the S hook so can't wait to find the perfect pattern for it!
And before I sign off, Happy New Year to you!
I pray blessings on your 2016!