Introducing Too Cute! Crochet Baby Dresses

Too Cute Crochet Baby Dress

I am so happy to finally release my first line of crochet. I call it "Too Cute"! They are baby dresses crocheted to fit sizes 0 through 3 months. Some can go up to 9 months. I've loved crocheting garments for adults so baby crochets wasn't on my list. Then I couldn't help becoming enthralled at so many cute crochet baby dress patterns on YouTube, my email and I bit the bullet one night and made one.

First off, I love the fact that I could finish a project in a night, but most importantly I LOVED the whole process of creating and forming this dress.

When I started out, I followed one pattern but I quickly looked at other patterns and I found out that there were elements of several patterns that I liked but I wanted a pattern using the stitches I really liked and so I adapted my own pattern to allow me to essentially use the same template (for lack of a better word), but each dress can have some things differently, i.e., stitches, embellishments, etc. Some dresses have flowers, others bows, and others a lot of color changes. I'm presently working on a new dress that will have ruffles around the waistband with sashay yarn. I can't wait to show you!

I debuted the first few dresses at my church's library gift shop, but I've also made some for my Etsy store. And more are coming! If you're an Etsy seller, then you know our shops will change to a much nicer look April 5th so hopefully by then I'll have many different dresses to choose from. You can go to the shop HERE to see all the pics as I take them of each dress. They will make wonderful gifts for your little baby girl!