Is it Full or Empty?

Full Glasses of water

Life really is in how you and I think of it. It can be empty or full. Case in point...I was reading a blog on home decor tonight and all these beautiful pictures popped up on my iPad of living room furniture with a fireplace burning, large windows leading outdoors to a back yard garden.

Inside the house has high ceilings... something I really love. I saw pictures of dining room decor with large tables and chairs and unique china on the tables. There were pics of bedrooms with pretty spreads and pillows and neutral colors on the walls that just made me wish I was there. Then, I began to cry. If I had taken better care of my credit and monies growing up, I would have a home like those by now. I'm in my 50s and I've never lived in or owned a house.

Living in apartments is so hard at times and for a few reasons: lack of space, noisy and disrespectful neighbors attached to your space, and sometimes you don't have a very good landlord. Plus, you're not putting anything into tax right offs and you're making someone else rich. I don't dare add up all the monies we've spent in rent over my lifetime, it would make me feel sicker! And, just as the tears began to get heavy, it was like a light switch turned on. "No! I will not give in to this despair!"

I began to thank God that I'm not living on the streets under a bridge. I'm not in a shelter. I'm no longer living in Section 8 or in the projects of Chicago, I don't live in a tent in a third world country with no clean running water, and I'm not living in a place we can't afford. There are blessings all around me.

I converted the 2nd bedroom into a home studio that is completely creative and girly that I work in. We've decorated our little place to make it homey and it is so cute. Just because the space is small doesn't mean it can't be pretty and inviting. I have the technology I need to work for my major client in Florida without having to travel there every month. That's a HUGE blessing!

My hubby is doing what he loves to do full time now, not dreaming anymore of the day where he would get to be a nature photographer for The Lord! We are fulfilling The call Jesus sent us here to do. And, we have made new friends who are our family now so we're not lonely. The glass isn't empty! It's FULL to overflowing!

All that changed in that moment was my choice to look at what I have and not on what I don't. That's the key to healthy living. Choice to see the blessings and thank God for them. He loves a grateful heart. Thank you Jesus for helping me make the right choice tonight.