100 Learned Lessons and Best Practices

Learned Lessons and Best Practices
  1. Learn to love and accept myself even with my quirky ways.

  2. Don't be afraid to say "No" so that I'm not overworking and overextending myself. And don't allow others or myself to make me feel guilty about my decision.

  3. Having a healthy church home is essential to inner peace for me.

  4. Spend more quality time with family and friends. Don't become so technical and social networked that my interpersonal social skills begins to deteriorate. Work in progress...

  5. If you have a calling, pursue it with all your heart and don't get sidetracked. It's easy to have doubt and disbelief and then go off from the beaten path.

  6. There's nothing wrong with being organized especially when you're an artist.

  7. Prayer worked thousands of years ago and it still works today.

  8. Be careful who you let into your inner circle, you might think a person can be your friend who turns out to be your worst enemy and the person you doubt can be your friend turns out to be your champion.

  9. In business, document everything! You never know when you might have to use it to save yourself.

  10. Working with people can be a challenge, try not to take things too personally.

  11. Just because a friend walks past me and doesn't smile back doesn't mean they're mad at me, they may be in heavy thought at that moment.

  12. Don't stay cooped up in the house, get outside! A new environment gets the creative juices flowing again.

  13. When my body says "stop", stop!

  14. Getting plenty of rest at night is important to last all day.

  15. Water, water water! Make myself drink more of it!

  16. Be careful what I say, it could come back in several ways: (a) to hurt me or someone else; (b) to over commit myself when I shouldn't; or (c) it can be misunderstood in a way that can't be corrected.

  17. Remain loyal to my good friends and have their back.

  18. There's nothing wrong with romancing my husband no matter how long we've been married.

  19. Take time out everyday to do something special for myself.

  20. Don't spend all day staring at the computer.

  21. When someone hurts me, I have two choices: (a) get mad and get even; or (b) take it to prayer and let God deal with them.

  22. There always three sides to every story: (a) their side; (b) my side; and (c) the truth.

  23. Be transparent with God in prayer!

  24. Sometimes you just have to agree to disagree to keep the peace.

  25. No need to complain about stuff, that doesn't make the problem go away nor the answer come any faster.

  26. One man's ceiling is another man's floor.

  27. Shopping around and getting others opinions before I buy can save me not just a lot of money, but a lot of grief.

  28. Just because I could, doesn't mean I should.

  29. Everyone needs a hobby.

  30. It's okay to feel sad, just don't let it prolong.

  31. Insurance is a good thing when it comes to protecting your business assets.

  32. Keep an umbrella in the car at all times, you just never know when you may need it.

  33. If you want respect, you must give respect...it's earned and not a right.

  34. You can't earn Heaven, there's nothing good enough you and I can do to get there. It's a gift from Jesus you must receive.

  35. A scarf can just about turn any bland outfit around into something amazing!

  36. A smile can change my attitude in a split second.

  37. Pray about everything, wishing for something doesn't make it happen.

  38. The body needs exercise, but so does the mind.

  39. Be thankful for every privilege you have, some don't have a tenth of what you have.

  40. Try not to be on my cell phone everywhere I go.

  41. Church is not the building around the people, church is the people inside the building.

  42. It's good to challenge myself to reach outside my comfort zone.

  43. Sometimes it's better not to give my opinion!

  44. There are people you will come across that you can love up close, some mid-ways, and some that you have to love from a far off.

  45. Surround yourself with positive people, the world has enough negative folks.

  46. Money isn't everything, sometimes it's your peace that you sacrifice for money and it's not worth it.

  47. Just when I need an encouraging word, The Lord Jesus will bring a scripture to my mind.

  48. There's no point in getting mad over silly things, it's just using up my precious energy.

  49. Time waits for no one.

  50. I've looked back, now it's time to look forward!

  51. Instant stuff doesn't make it quality.

  52. Don't be in such a hurry all the time.

  53. Some opportunities only come once and never again.

  54. You can't love everyone the same way, because everyone is different.

  55. Don't sell yourself cheap, you are beautifully and wonderfully made.

  56. Extremes on both ends is no good.

  57. As long as everything I do, I do with the right intentions, I know God will always help me.

  58. When things don't go my way, no need to get upset, God knows exactly what He's doing.

  59. All seems right in the world after a good night's sleep.

  60. Peanut butter and jelly sammies are still the best comfort food in the world.

  61. Rain is just liquid sunshine.

  62. I'm always thankful to wake up and face the day.

  63. My clients are important to me, without them there is no business.

  64. I like being silly every once in awhile.

  65. Life's too short to sweat the small stuff.

  66. A workman is worth his or her hire.

  67. Don't cheapen your products by underselling them, if you do that...your customers will feel you've cheapened yourself.

  68. A cluttered house leads to a cluttered mind.

  69. Like a car, we humans have to re-charge our batteries.

  70. Treat yourself to chocolate is never a bad thing!

  71. Make the best use of your time, cause before you know it...it's gone forever.

  72. Relationships take so much work and that's why Jesus must be in the center of it.

  73. I learned that if I want my husband to do something for me, I need ask him and not expect him to read my mind.

  74. Food is good, but don't use it as a way to fill a void.

  75. The longer I live, the more I know I need The Lord.

  76. Don't expect my husband, my friends, or family to make me happy. It's my choice alone to be happy.

  77. Bottom line is stuff happens, don't let the stuff take over my life.

  78. God can't expect me to be perfect, but He does expect me to give my best.

  79. Why settle for a C, if I know I'm capable of an A.

  80. Reaching out to another makes me forget my own problems.

  81. It's free to smile, but it costs heavily to stay angry.

  82. If I haven't worn something in six months, chances are I never will.

  83. If I decide to give something, do it without expecting anything in return. If I want something in return, then don't gift, just ask for what I want.

  84. Prayer is the best weapon against the enemy!

  85. In business, the customer is always 100% right unless the customer is someone you can never please.

  86. There's no use in comparing myself to others, I'll always be comparing apples to oranges.

  87. When life gets tough, get up!

  88. When I need to escape, I can pull out the trusty old crochet hook and some yarn and make me a beautiful scarf!

  89. I've learned that in my older age, I like a FAST computer!

  90. You can rip out a row of stitches crocheted wrong and start over to correct it, but bad words spoken don't work that way.

  91. Life's too short to do a job you dislike.

  92. I can be miserable all by myself, I don't need anyone to help me with that.

  93. There's an artist in everybody.

  94. You can NEVER out give God.

  95. It's great to love what you do, it's even better to make a living doing what you love to do.

  96. Every day I wake up, God gives me another opportunity to bless someone.

  97. God is good all the time!

  98. I'm still a girl at heart and it's okay to love girly things!

  99. Too many opinions can oftentimes drown out God's voice.

  100. If God brings you to it, He'll surely bring you through it!