Crafters Who Inspire Me

Since I've been crafting pretty much full time, I have been so inspired by other amazing crafters and so this post is a tribute to them. I know I can't list all of you talented crocheters and knitters out there, but I also pay homage to you too! This list is just the ones that I follow, because I like the kinds of items they make and/or the way they teach.
Some of them have their own YouTube channels and so I get an email every time they upload a new tutorial. Others teach on their websites or blogs with written patterns, photos, and step-by-step instructions. So let's go on with the list!

1. All About Ami

You would think the owner's name is Ami, but actually her name is Stephanie. Ami is short for amigurumi, the Japanese art of knitted/crocheted stuffed animals. She makes some amazing things and though I will be experimenting this year crocheting stuffed animals, I was drawn to her site because of her amazing cowls and infinity scarves.

I love scarves, I love everything about them. They dress up any outfit, pop color where you need it, and sometimes I have worn the same top twice in the same week but no one knew it because of the scarf I was wearing. Her patterns are easy to follow and though she doesn't have a YouTube channel, I was still able to learn a lot from her pictures. My "sky blue" cowl was inspired by one of her long double crochet cowl pattern.

2. Moogly

Picture I was first introduced to this blog when I saw her Alpaca Wrap! I fell in love with how lacy this scarf is so I went looking around for other patterns and she offers both paid and free patterns. Plus, she has teaching video tutorials on basic and advanced crochet stitches.

3. Haak Maar Raak

I admit I don't know how to pronounce the name of her site. I suspect it's Dutch, but her site is in English! What drew me in was her fabulous colorful granny square blanket and it's similar to one I've been making for almost a year. I finally finished my "whenever I get time and I want to work on" project!

4. Very Shannon

The owner is a knitter and sewer and I think it was on a Facebook group that I saw her black and white chunky infinity scarf which inspired me to make one on the loom. However, I decided to go with one strand of yarn and knit it into a tube on a round loom and then I sewed the ends together to wrap around several times. I just wanted a more lacy feel to my scarf and I loved just loom knitting with one strand of yarn.

5. Katie's Crochet Goodies and Crafts

I actually found her on YouTube because I was looking for an easy video on crocheting cable stitches. I saw a pic of her pattern and thought I'd look at it. It was easy to follow and I made myself a swatch of the pattern first just to get the hang of it. Now...I'm working on a scarf with this pattern thanks to her! Her site also features DIY crafts, sewing, and she sells her patterns on Craftsy, Ravelry, and Etsy.

6. Sheep and Stitch.

When I was playing around with the idea of teaching myself how to needle knit, of course I go to handy dandy YouTube. I found Sheep and Stitch and her "Cushy Cowl" pattern. The pattern is just garter stitch and being that I've loom knitted, I understood the terminology. I love her enthusiasm on her videos and so I went to her website and boy does she inspire me! I love everything about her site. I am a neutral colors lover and she designed her website as if she were in my head! It is colorful yet not overdone. It is busy, but not too busy. The layout was just done well and that's my graphic / web design self talking! Unfortunately at the time of this posting, she hasn't posted anything recently, I hope she returns soon!

7. Wool and the Gang

I just recently started following them because of the video they have on their YouTube channel on knitting up squares to make blankets for refugees living in Europe. It is knitted with chunky yarn and size 19 knitting needles. I loved the pattern so much that I started making a blanket for myself with needles no less! It's coming out beautifully!

Loom Knitters

If you're a loom knitter, this list will help you out!

1. Good Knit Kisses.

Kristin, for the most part in my opinion, is the leading resource for loom knitting. She has an awesome YouTube channel where she teaches anything from different cast on methods, binding off, to complicated stitching like decreasing/increasing, herribone, and much more. I began following her religiously as well as her Facebook group where there are hundreds of other loom knitters and crafters that show off their creations and offer help for beginners up to experienced knitters.

2. Loom-a-Hat

This is my second choice for loom knitting. She has a YouTube channel and I've been following her almost as long as Good Knit Kisses. She also offers hundreds of patterns from her blog.


I just came across this blog in my search for more information on loom knitting. She has loom knitted abbreviations and patterns, along with simple instructions on her blog.

4.  Hynoptic Hysteria.

This is a GREAT YouTube channel all about loom knitting from casting on techniques, binding off, and loom knit-a-longs.

These are my picks for now and as I find others, I'll share them here! Who are your favorite crafters? you follow and why?