Inspiration Week: Amigurumi


It's Inspiration Week! And, today we're talking about Amigurumi! At first I was only going to post this in the knitting section, but I decided to put in the crochet section too because the pics below pertain to both knitting and crocheting. Plus, I found some video tutorials for making cute animals for both crochet and knit and you'll see those at the bottom of this post. And oh... isn't the giraffe cute?

Making cute lil animals, knitting or crocheting is a lot of fun. I started out making loveys cause of course I love making little blankets for the animal to lay in. And if you don't knit, that's can make animals on the loom as well. Basically you make all the pieces separately, head, arms, legs and then sew them together.

I loomed knitted these two teddy bears!

Loom knitted teddy bear Loom knitted teddy bear Loom knitted teddy bear Loom knitted teddy bear

Don't pay too much attention to not-so-perfect faces I did! LOL! I'm getting better at it though and I still think they turned out cute for my first attempt! Besides that, no one is perfect so these imperfections are what gives us character right?

Look at this bunny and matching booties!

Knitted booties and bunny

I love him, sure wish I could as good with the face as this crafter did! How cute!

Here's a couple of videos for crocheting and knitting some cute animals! And some of these come with the written pattern. Hope you try one of them!

And here's a list of crafters who specialize in making Amigurumi:

Next post for Inspiration Week is about handmade greeting cards!