What's on My Hook?

crochet hook

Is it wrong to get burned out on crocheting when you're a crocheter? I dunno, but I've been feeling this way for a couple of months. I haven't stopped making items, but I know something is different. I'm not very motivated to make large items that take time to make. I'm needing shorter projects to work right now. And, as a creator or artist, I'm sure this feeling will eventually go away and I'll get back to working on several items at the same time!

So, what I am working on now?, you probably guessed it by the picture! Dish cloths! YES, I've really gotten into them lately. They are a quick project, but besides that, I can learn new stitches and brush up on old ones like single, half, and double crochets while making a pretty item. And, if I have to rip out rows or start over, it's okay because it's a small item. I'm actually making my sixth pair!

crochet hook

Also, it's giving me a lot of experience working with cotton yarns. I've had more time using worsted weight yarns but not so much with cotton so it's fun crocheting with something different. I'm using Lionbrand's Kitchen Cotton and Sugar 'n Creme, but will be trying some new brands soon as I'm going shopping next Monday to Hobby Lobby and Joann's. Can't wait!

Do you have a go-to project you like to make when you're not so motivated to create? Tell me about it in comments below!