Crochet Flowers mixed with Granny Squares

Crochet flowers

Sometimes when I'm between projects and I need embellishments, I'll crochet flowers. They're easy and quick to make and they really decorate so many things.

Yesterday, I was thinking of granny squares and possibly making a blanket this fall, how cool would it be to make the blanket from granny squares with flowers?! I finally got my hands on jars of assorted buttons from the local crafts store that work perfectly for the center of the flowers.

There's tons of pictures of granny square blankets in all different colors, so I looked at a bunch of them, but I didn't see much 3D flower squares so that might be something very different and unique. I could either make the squares separate from the flowers, sew the flowers onto the center of each square and the finally sew all the squares together to make the blanket, but I also have another idea...

Crochet flowers

I could make all the squares for however wide and long my blanket will end up being and sew them together. Then crochet however many flowers I want and sew them on top of only some of the squares but not all of them. I think that could actually look like another design on top of the blanket. Each flower can also have a different colored button.

Crochet flowers

Not sure when or even if I can start on a project like this, thinking about the Fall and it probably wouldn't be finished before Christmas with all the other stuff I've got going on, but I wanted to write this post as sort of an outlined planner project that I can revisit later and remember what I was thinking.

So, are you working on a long-term project? Tell me about it in the comments.