Knitting Projects I Loved Making: Day 1


I'm really proud of this project because it was the first thing I knitted on a loom. I didn't know a thing about knitting and I wanted to gently transfer from crochet to knitting so I opted to use a knitting loom rather than needles. I started out with the Boye set of round looms and I made this hat on the adult size one. 

Mocha Loom Knitted Hat

To create the brim and keep it from curling which happens a lot with looms, I decided to knit the garter stitch for about 20 rounds before using the straight knit stitch for the remainder of the hat. I used two strands of Red Heart Buff Fleck yarn.

Mocha Loom Knitted Hat

The last thing I did was add a flower, however...I didn't knit it. I crocheted it! LOL! Well, I'm better at crochet so I found a cute pattern and added a button that I bought in a set of buttons from a yard sale. In fact, it's the same button I used in my crochet headband. This hat was raffled off at my church women's ministry fellowship back in 2012.