Knitting Projects I Loved Making: Day 3

Mocha Arm Knitted Scarf

I'm not sure how I first got introduced to arm knitting, but I learned it of course on YouTube. There's tons of video tutorials on this different type of knitting. Instead of using needles, you use your arms. I'm glad I learned this technique because it's more close to how you needle knit than loom knitting. For instance, I learned how to cast on using the long tail cast on which is how you start when making a scarf like this.

Mocha Arm Knitted Scarf

Arm knitting requires using super bulky yarn since the stitches are larger, but you can mix several strands of bulky with super bulky for an interesting look. The yarn I used for this scarf is Red Heart Dash. I believe I used two strands of this scarf.

I took several different photographs so you can see in the first photo, the purl side of the scarf. The photo below shows the knit side.

Mocha Arm Knitted Scarf

And I made it long enough to wrap around a couple of times. It's definitely a warm scarf for the winter and the yarn is quite soft too. It comes in a variety of colors. Check them out in my Amazon store here. If you buy from my store, I will receive a commission, thanks for your support.

Mocha Arm Knitted Scarf

This item I kept for myself cause I love the colors and it's go with just everything in my wardrobe! If you're interested to learn how to arm knit, I've linked a video below and here's the link too.

Thanks for spending the week with me as I'm reminiscing old projects! I think next up will be paper crafting so stay connected with me!


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