My First Shopping Haul with Shop Miss A

Shop Miss A

I have been looking around for inexpensive jewelry for a long time and one day I was looking at some videos where I first learned about Shop Miss A, an online fashion store where everything is $1!, yes you read that right... $1. It's like Dollar Tree for Fashion enthusiasts like me! I bought some necklaces (above) in assorted colors along with some other awesome stuff! The necklaces I got are suede which can be adjusted so I can wear them as long as I want and the suede will feel comfortable, soft, and won't aggravate my sensitive skin.

Shop Miss A doesn't just carry jewelry, but they also beauty items like: eyeshadows, fingernail polishes, eyelashes, bronzers, blushes, brushes, hair accessories, and even craft supplies.

I ordered 26 items and mixed them up between fashion accessories, crafts, and beauty. Since I love bracelets and been trying to get some in other colors, I knew I had to purchase a couple. Well, I bought three in total.

Shop Miss A

I bought the "Tear Drop Gem Bracelet" and the "Metal & Suede Charm Bracelet" in black and pink. I must say that I'm impressed by the quality of the items I got. They were all packaged very well. Shop Miss A is located in the United States which is a plus because I didn't want to order overseas. It took about two weeks to receive my order. I believe they process all orders within 2 to 3 business days so the waiting was getting to me but I think that was because I was so anxious to get my package.

Shop Miss A

I've been wanting to experiment with other fingernail polish colors so I bought the colors, electra, punk, and glistening purple by LA Colors. Also, I bought a base color and top coat which I'm hoping will make my nail polish stay on longer. I like to paint my nails every two weeks.

washi tapeI couldn't just buy beauty and fashion stuff without looking through the crafts and guess what I found? Washi tape! I enjoy using it with cardmaking and art journaling. I bought the polka dot design in every color, it's only a $1 so why not?!

One other thing I bought was a silver anklet. I didn't take a picture of it because I'm wearing it and forgot! LOL! But here's a link to it.

I can't wait to start wearing my jewelry and to put in my next order which I started making a list! I think I would like to buy a black choker but they were sold out. And that's probably the drawback I have is that some items might not be available in certain colors so you have to keep going back. I would recommend trying them out and learning about them as well. They get new items in a lot and you can find what's new by clicking on the "new arrivals" link on their website.

Shop Miss A

You can also search Shop Miss A on YouTube, because there's a lot of videos reviews on them. I have only heard some negative reviews on their liquid lip color when it's applied but since I don't wear liquid lipsticks, I can't comment on that. But, even if something doesn't work out, my take is "I'm only losing a $1" so I don't feel so bad. And the shipping cost to the USA is just $3.95, $5.95 for Canada and $9.95 international with no minimum order, not bad, not bad at all! Tell me if you've bought from Shop Miss A or ever heard of them, what was your experience, tell me in the comments below.