Projects I Loved Making: Day 1

3 Projects I Loved Making

Today I found myself looking through old photos of past projects I'd done, most of them sold already but I thought I'd share with you three of the items I enjoyed making this week. First up: My "snow white" beanie hat!

Crochet Snow White Hat

What I really liked about this project was the person I was making this hat for, Norma. She was a friend of my best friend and she was suffering from cancer at the time. I crocheted her this hat made with Lion Brand's cotton yarn so she wouldn't be hot wearing it in the summer. I found a really cute pattern on YouTube and I chose three colors for the yarn. It was an easy pattern made with double and single crochet stitches. I've inserted the video tutorial at the end of this post. I altered it to make it adult size as well as the trimming.

Crochet Snow White Hat

I never met Norma in person, only over the phone when all three of us ladies prayed together. I remember her as a strong woman who loved The Lord. I wished I could have seen her wear it.

Crochet Snow White Hat

I really wanted the hat to be pretty so I added the three rows of petals and chose a small golden bead for the center. The trimming I did in green and then I added a shell pattern instead of the picot edging in the video tutorial. I loved how it turned out!

Crochet Snow White Hat

Norma went to be with The Lord last year. I think of her often and I look forward to one day seeing her and rejoicing with her.

And in case you want to try making this pattern, here's the video tutorial:


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