The Little Simple Things

Sewing materials 
You know sometimes you need a break from complex crafting or creating to make simple, little things. You just do. I've been sort of on a creation sabbatical and typically around this time of year I need a short break from crocheting and all things crafting. With that said, I still want to do some designing and so I opt for small projects...things I can create easily and quickly. As you know, I've been trying to learn to sew and I managed to learn how to make a placemat - but I'm no where near being a confident sewer. I follow a few professional seamtresses on YouTube and I wish I could make the things they make. 

One video I came across was for sewing a catch-all tray from Shabby Fabrics. I've linked the video at the bottom of this post. It really is a simple pattern and I plan to try it. As I was preparing to write this post, I looked at tons of photos of various fabric patterns and designs and it made me think of how awesome it is to be a creator, cause there's so much out there to experiment with... fabric, yarns, threads, papers, you name it. 
Fabric Different fabrics can create interesting textures, sometimes it's fun to play around and see what you get. I do this a lot with yarn. 

Look at these pretty pastel fabric colors and patterns. It's fun shopping for these at craft stores like Joann's. This is the YouTube video for making a catch-all tray for holding those small items and I think even I can make this! It's the kind of simple project that you can do quickly and perfect for those in between projects or when you're taking a break from making large or long-term items. 

Check out the video!  I hope you try this pattern and let me know how it turns out!