Inspiring Workspaces: Creating in a Small Home Office

In this edition of "Inspiring Workspaces", I'm talking about working effectively in a small space. If you've been following me for awhile, you know that I work from home as for a major client in Florida and so I need a space that's functional, comfortable, but creative.

And though my office is lacking in space, that doesn't mean I am limited. I've actually tried to design in it a way that when I open the doors to come in, I want to stay and create and design. I'm so glad I found this article from Style at Home, by Tamara Robbins, Associate Design Editor. Her tips below are spot on!

"Home offices can be small, but that shouldn’t stop you from keeping it stylish and organized." 
  1. Don’t limit yourself to utilitarian storage boxes; consider ones made of luxe materials such as horn, ceramic or wood.
  2. Clear glass is a decorator’s secret weapon. Stashing supplies in glass vases, jars or canisters keeps them orderly and easy to find.
  3. Many people spend as much time, if not more, in their home office as in the kitchen or family room, so make it a cozy and homey place to work by adding artwork, beautiful accessories and flowers — they’ll make you feel better when paying the bills!
  4. Seek inspiration wherever you can. Even a notebook offer the perfect color palette for a home office and can set a make over in motion. Keep your eyes open for colors and patterns you love.
  5. Turn trash into treasure. You don’t need a huge budget for a dramatic change. Your furniture may not be glamorous, but it’s functional — you may not need to buy a new desk. A professionally sprayed-on cream-color paint can make the furniture look clean and new."
I love neutral colors and that's what inspired me to re-do my office space. I need items to match and not look like I just threw things together but with no cohesiveness. That started with a good office chair with ample back support. I sit a lot and my back can hurt after long hours and my hubby found me the perfect chair. Read my post about it.

Changing the chair made the rest of the changes easier. I used white marble contact paper to cover a dark brown table. My sewing table is covered with a beautiful white table cloth and a pink runner. I have white lights on the wall just above it and I took a lot of stuff off the walls to give the illusion of space. Also, it's nice to see bare walls. I have two pretty white rugs and I even swapped out my recycle bin for a light colored one. Whites, pinks, creams, light tans are my favorite colorway for my office. It's clean, crisp, and I like being in the room despite its limited space.

I believe you can design the space you want with just a little inspiration, so if you're looking for that, I invite you to follow my Inspiring Workspaces board on Pinterest!