Preparing for a Show


Hubby's annual photo show is this time of the year and there's always a lot of work preparing for it. Actually, this is our 2nd year but we're in at least seven shows a year and before moving here, we worked and in several flea markets in Florida. Basically, we're not new to the game of vendor shows.

However, having your own exclusive show is a bit different from any other show. First, it's on you to pick and pay for the right venue, find a good caterer, put together a guest list, make invitations, as well as providing enough product line. Next is the advertising which is probably the most work. Last year, was so much more work because we had to buy supplies we didn't have. Now we can just re-use most of them like tablecloths, presentation boards, and signage.

Social Media Rocks

social media

Since most of what we would need was from last year's show, this year we could concentrate more on the advertising. Social media is a huge part of how hubby built our business. He primarily uses Facebook but also we have Twitter on autopilot and he's successfully built a nice following for the past four years. I have found that social is a huge market and more and more people are doing business this way than the old fashion way of reaching a company through their website.

One thing I had to learn was what social networks to concentrate on, there's hundreds of them. Some of them I use for my own personal viewing like YouTube, Pinterest, and Google+. Others, I use for business like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With Facebook, we were able to personally invite close to 200 people to hubby's show this weekend!

Tomorrow is our packing day along with some shopping for cups, napkins, plastic silverware, punch, and plates! And, hopefully everything works out and we get some good pics to share! Click here to see our Facebook event page!