Where the Ideas Come From


I find it hard coming up with ideas for topics for this blog even when I know the subject well or are passionate about what I'm writing. I'm not sure if other bloggers run into this problem, but I sure do. And, when I'm strapped for how I should write an article, there are a few steps I take.

Use an Outline.

I like to keep a small journal on my desk to jot down topic ideas for future posts. From there, I can write out a few points that I want to be sure to talk about when I draft the post.


Look at my Blog.

This might sound strange, but I look through the pages of my blog. Sometimes, just going through older posts can job an idea in my head. Maybe I touched on a subject, but didn't go into great detail.

Take a Break.

If I start on a post, I may write a couple of lines and then I'll walk away from the computer for awhile. This allows me to re-think my post and it frees me to get more ideas of how to word the article to make it more interesting. I've even ripped out an entire blog post and started over. In other words, I'm never in a hurry to publish.

Look Around.

I visit other bloggers and read their posts. I don't copy their writing style, but I can get ideas for how I want to convey my point. I think it's always a good idea to see how others in your field do their jobs because that's where inspiration comes from.

What I do love about blogging is the writing part. I enjoy the written word and though I get the writer's cramp, I wouldn't stop writing for anything!