Inspiring Workspaces: My Dream Home Office

home office space

Today I'm starting a new series, "Inspiring Workspaces" and so there will be posts coming about home office spaces I like as well as future tips on how I keep my space organized, fun, and functional. In this post, it's all about my dream of having the perfect home office, so in this post I'm sharing my vision with you!

In this first photo, what I love most is the openness of the space and cleanness of using neutral colors. That was the one I thing I changed about my office. I traded in my dark chair for a white office chair with better back support. I love the rug in the middle of the floor and the shelves for keeping everything organized. My hope is to have a large space one day where I can have several workstations for different projects.

The pom poms hanging on the wall adds a fun and playful touch to the room.

home office space

As I mentioned, I would love to have several workstations for different projects. So, my vision is to have:
  • Computer/printer and mobile desk. This would be where I would do all the technical work.
  • Sewing station. A place for my sewing machine with shelves for all my knick knacks and fabrics to live.
  • An empty table specifically for measuring items I crochet and knit. I need this badly and for it to remain empty will just maximize my space.
  • A fabrics arts section that houses all my knitting looms and I could lay out my knitting machine that is too big now to take out of the box. Also, all my crochet hooks and knitting needles can sit on top of the desk.

yarn on shelves
How bout this for storing my yarn?! I can sort my skeins by color or by weight!
  • Art station. This is for cardmaking and all paper crafts. I have so many machines that right now either have to be put away in other rooms or under tables. I would love to have all my machinery out on the table and so when I need to use my Cinch machine, Cricut, paper cutters, and my scor-buddy, they would all be right there. Also, I would like to have a caddy on wheels for my scrapbook papers, card supplies and card stock.
  • A separate table for Bible art journaling. I have markers, colored pencils, paints, ink pads, stencils, and paper samples that I would love to be together.

If I have all my arts around me, I really believe I would be even more creative. And oh boy if I could do it full time!


How about a lounge area? This is a MUST!! I need downtime to walk away from the studio, so I would love a separate room adjacent to my office for couches, love seat surrounded by windows overlooking a garden or water fountain! But just a place of peace and quiet where I can chill out or take a lunch break.

Another thing I like in this last picture is the hard wood flooring. I would probably buy a large rug for the center of the room, probably a plush rug cause I love a soft rug!