My Lips Need Some Color

I have funny skin and not "funny ha-ha" either. Sometimes I'm golden brown, sometimes I'm brownish reddish, and it seems my skin changes colors all the time as well as being overly dry and sensitive. So I have to take some help with make-up and skin products. I gave up lipstick years ago because I don't like how it feels, but I do like lip gloss or lip "slicks". It gives me the protection and moisturizes my skin while giving me just enough color to cover my two-tone lips.

lipstick and fingernail polish

I typically buy the reddish/pinks colorways so that it doesn't blend with my medium dark skin. My favorite is Lipslicks by Covergirl. It comes in 12 colors. Note: below are affiliate links to purchase from my Astore which means I'll make a commission on orders placed. Your support helps me keep bringing more great content to the blog as well as taking care of day to day operational costs!
Covergirl Lip Slicks

Covergirl Lipslicks

What colors do you wear?