My Planner

I've been keeping a planner for quite some time. Now, I have several! It's hard to use just one because I have to keep a separate planner for work, for hubby and my photo business, and then one for personal. But even still, a planner is the best way to go when you have a busy life and let's face it: everybody's busy these days. In fact, I think I'm more busy now than I've ever been!
So, what do I put in my planner?
For my work, it's mainly projects and deadlines, so I write the name of the project and its due date. Under that, I'll jot down specific tasks and give them due dates as well. Then as I finish a task, I can check it off the list. Stickers are great for this because I'm visual and so when I see something specifically color coded or marked, my eyes pays special attention to it.
planner stickers   The Happy Planner
"The Happy Planner" stickers fits perfectly with the Happy Planner and the perfect way to alert me to critical deadlines. I like the color scheme of this package and that's something I look for in a planner and specifics. Certain colors I love and since I have to use this everyday, I want to be sure I like the way my planner looks, Is that too vain?
A few points about the Happy Planner from Amazon's website:
  • An expandable, disc-bound Planner system
  • It combines your love for creativity with your need for organization
  • Each 18 month Planner features a unique layout with monthly and weekly views
  • Filled with creative and inspirational artwork to help make you a Happy Planner
  • This planner dates include July 2016 - December 2017
You can purchase both from my Amazon store where I'll receive a commission. Your support is greatly appreciated!

For my hubby's business, my planner is more of an events planner and so I keep up with show appearances, arts festivals that we're going to work our booth in as well as exhibits where he needs to get prints on specific dates. This planner also has tasks that go under the event cause there's usually a lot of work that has to be done prior to working shows. I also keep a checklist that we go through the day before a show to be sure we've done everything and even packed supplies we'll need.
My personal planner is a project planner that I bought from a local store and it's more like a to-do list. I just write down the tasks I have to do and check them off as I get them done and whatever doesn't get done rolls over to the next day.
Being organized is essential for me since I do so much multi-tasking. However that said, I've learned a few lessons and I'll share them with you:
  • Don't beat myself up when I don't complete my to-do list in a day. This was something I did for years. I would feel so bad that I would make myself sick with worry. Not anymore! If I have 12 tasks to do and I complete half, I reward myself for finishing that rather than thinking about the half I didn't do.
  • Write it down quickly. If I get an idea, even if I can't act on it right away, I write it down. I had to train myself to do this and I'm so glad because I can't tell you the number of times I forgot a good idea because I thought I'd remember it later. Now, I keep a small book just for ideas. Then later, I'll transfer it to whatever planner it falls in.
  • Don't sweat the small stuff. Things change. Sometimes, an event is canceled or postponed or a project takes on a different idea. Instead of getting frustrated, like I do at times, just change it in the planner, make the adjustments, and move on.
Planning can actually be fun! I treat it like a piece of artwork using colored pens for coding certain tasks, stickers to remind me of critical dates, and even cute stickers with encouraging phrases like: "go girl!" I feel much more confident and calm using planners to handle daily activities and keep up with where I am on projects. So, do you use a planner? There's so many on the market! Which one do you use? Comment below.