Why We Gave Up our Smartphones

old mobile phones

I am a tech savvy girl but my experience laid more with computers than mobile devices. In fact, when I first got my iPad, it took me some time to figure out the technology and the meaning of "apps". I came from the 80's days of MS-DOS being the standard operating system and Apple was just becoming mainstream. I've learned to adapt and so when the Tracfone ZTE Valet first came on the market, hubby and I bought two. It was Tracfone's first "smartphone", you might ask why I use Tracfone and it's for two reasons: (1) No monthly bill and; (2) No contracts to sign and fulfill.

One of my main functions in helping hubby run our photo business is to find ways to cut costs and I knew that having two cell phones could be costly. With Tracfone, it's a pre-paid system and I just add airtime every quarter for as little as $21 and we get double or triple minutes for the life of the phone.

There are Times When I'd Rather Be Dumb

So, hubby and I started using the ZTE Valet, but we both have problems working with it. He's not as techie as me so all the bells and whistles that come with smartphones didn't appeal to him. He just wanted a phone to be able to call me when he's out in the field. He's not interested in catching his email, surfing the web, or even taking cell phone pics.

And my phone was giving me a whole different problem. Every time I would call out and have to leave a voicemail message, the phone wouldn't let me hang up after I left my message, it would just blink at me. I couldn't end the call. It just kept recording and finally I had to remove the hard shell case to remove and re-insert the battery to get the phone to work. That's ridiculous! I hated making calls on it, cause I would never know if I would have to re-insert the battery.

Sometimes Technology has to Take a Step Back Before Going Forward

It made no sense to return my phone for repair, because by the time the problem surfaced, the phone and support for it had discontinued. Since hubby wanted to go back to a dumb phone, he opted for a flip phone that makes you feel like you're talking on a real phone. And, he gets double minutes for the life of the phone when we add airtime. For me, I downgraded to a LG dumb phone which isn't bad since we only use our cells to make short calls. We still have our LAN line. I'm not big on texting or catching my email from my cell...in fact I'd rather use my iPad for that.

My phone also comes now through Safelink Wireless which is a governmental program and it allows me to get free minutes every month so long as I make calls. The unused minutes roll over to the next month. This saves us a lot of money per year. Sometimes technology has to take a step back before going forward. Maybe I'll get an iPhone someday, but for now...I'll keep my dumb phone!