WOW! Is Technology Taking Over my Life?


I am a geek! I admit it :) I've always loved computers from the very first Mac machine I owned in the 80s to the Windows 10 Toshiba laptop I use now. I realized just how much I depend on it.

  • My day job depends on technology, I'm in charge of website content creation, eMail marketing, graphic design of marketing materials and handling social media. Without it, I can't talk to the people in Florida and the three hour difference is tricky at times. Instead of using the phone to communicate, we use online chatting, video conferencing, and texts.

  • My husband's photo business mainly runs online as we sell from his website and Facebook. He probably spends more time advertising online than he is in the field taking new photos.

  • My projects need technology. I spend a good amount of time making items, but equally to display them on social media, writing and publishing new blog posts, looking at and saving photos, reading other blog posts, and researching patterns.

But aside from work, I spend a lot of time on YouTube looking at video tutorials learning new stitches, patterns, art forms and sometimes for just entertainment like watching old movies. Some of my best friends I've never met in person! Can't believe I'm saying that but technology has brought a new world to me and it's been a real blessing.


ENTER Mobile

Just a few years ago, I learned mobile technology. When I got my first iPad, I had no idea what to do with it! Now I can't imagine life without it! I use as a backup for work: checking emails and answering post comments, but, mainly for personal use. I play simulation games like: Fashion City and Fashion City 2, Family Farm Seaside, Township, Chef Town, time management games like: Burger Shop and Cooking Fever (occasionally). I also love playing word games like: Words with Friends. I typically play games at the end of a busy day, however I no longer spend hours gaming like I used to. I know when to close it down. And some of the games mentioned, I go weeks without playing.

I also do a lot of reading with my Kindle app, watch videos, and listen to sermons on my Podcasts app. I also LOVE to listen to Bible Gateway's audio Bible especially at night while I sleep. I watch TCM movies, tennis and golf on ESPN and Charter Live. But then, there's the functional stuff like checking bank balances, updating my shopping wish lists on Joann's, Michaels, and Amazon. I've even hooked up my UPS account so that I can get alerts when a package is coming!

Beware of Technology Taking Over my Time

This can be a downside if I'm not careful. It's really mind boggling how much we depend on technology, our whole lives are on our phones, tablets, or computers. And I found that I was spending so much time front of the monitor that my people skills went lacking. Social skills are still important to have in this information age and I get concerned that our younger generation spends so much time gaming, chatting, and texting that they don't possess the knowledge of how to work and get along in groups. We're not islands unto ourselves. We have to interact with other people all the time whether it's at the grocery line, work, school, bank, or driving.

Gaming can be addictive and sadly I used to spend my evenings going from one game to another for hours staying up all night trying to get to the next level. I'm so happy that my hubby noticed it and warned me that I was neglecting other people and things I needed to do. He spoke to me in love to help me see that I was actually hiding behind the screen. I didn't have a desire to even go out much, because I was too wrapped up on the tube.

Now, I purposefully take time away from the computer, the tablet, emails, etc., to just spend time with hubby, friends, and have some 'me' time. And, even more important I can't neglect my prayer time and Bible reading. I depend on Jesus for everything and I've noticed that when I start my day in prayer, and not hurry up to see what's posted on Facebook, my day goes better. Even my attitude is more positive.

I love technology, it has brought a lot of opportunities to me that otherwise wouldn't be, but with everything ...there must be balance. No extremes are good. Soooo... what do you use technology for? Tell me how it has changed your life. Have you had to make some changes so that you have an equal balance in your life? Tell me about it in the comments below!