A Mountain or a Molehill

Ever made a mountain out of a mole? I know I have many times. I'm a very emotional person and though I know God has given me a special gift of discerning, if I'm not careful I can misread a situation or another person.

I have made more out of a situation than it really is, jumped to conclusions and caused myself undue stress. Teaching myself to really trust Jesus and His infinite wisdom and not what my eyes focus on is an everyday learning lesson.

Case in point: one day, years ago, I was working on my computer then all of a sudden the screen went POOF! All gone! My first thought was that the hard drive crashed not to mention I probably lost the changes I was making to a document. I freaked out! Immediately, I tear into my software bag looking for the system recovery CDs cause I just KNEW I would have to reformat my hard drive and re-install all my software! That would be a 2-day job at least! I know because I've done that and got the t-shirt!

So, I'm going through my bag right and I can't seem to find the system recovery discs so now my heart turns to utter panic! Where are the discs?! I didn't have a backup computer, so what am I going to do?! Finally, I stopped and prayed! Finally! I calmed down long enough to hear The Lord's voice whisper to me saying, "check the plug". I had NEVER even thought to do that and probably would have not considered that! So I found that that the cord was a little loose and it had slipped out of the outlet! I plugged it back in and voila!, my computer comes back on, and I didn't lose my document either! A molehill that I had turned into a gigantic mountain!

This is one of those times when I thank God for His grace. I can't imagine Him watching how crazy I made myself tearing up my office with discs everywhere! He is so patient with us and I'm so thankful that He understands me. Next time that happens though... I'll pray first and check the plug second.

picture courtesy of pixabay.com