A Special Week

Happy Birthday

It's been a special week for my birthday. I don't really get a lot of time off from work and so when I can take a week off, it's definitely special. Monday, I went shopping with my friend Sue and picked up a lot of yarn, knitting needles, and other craft notions + we ate at Panera Bread. I hadn't been to one since moving to Oregon. We went to Hobby Lobby, Joann's, and Michaels. What a fun day!

Tuesday, I stayed home and just chilled out. I did finish my first knitted scarf and I should have a picture of it soon. I'm so stoked because I really thought I would not be able to knit with needles and I gave up on it. But, I had these size 17 circular needles by Susan Bates and I decided to try them. I absolutely love them! Now, I'm working on my first knitted blanket out of squares. The pattern is going to be a checkerboard design with cream and brown all using the garter stitch. I'm using size 19 wooden flat needles and they are awesome in my hands and how they handle the yarn.

Wednesday, I worked with my sister in The Lord on her new blog. We spent about two hours by phone making changes and tweaking it to make it look like she wants. WOW, it was a day of ministry for me. Later that night, I knitted and did a little crochet too.

Thursday, my birthday. My wonderful friends took me out to lunch and it was really so nice to hang out with four great friends.

birthday lunch with friends

I'm on the far right in the blue/white hat. We had tea sandwiches, cakes, and chocolates. I so enjoyed myself!

Friday, my hubby plans to take me to lunch and I'm going to shop for a new dress for this Sunday. It's so nice to just do whatever I want and not have to work.

Weekend: I'm sure we're go out of town to take pictures, not sure yet because hubby has been tight lipped but I'm super excited! I have to say I feel so rested and refreshed. I told myself not to answer or open my business email but once and I kept to that. It's also been nice to just craft all day because my desire is to create knit and crochet collections full time at retirement. Hopefully, I won't have to wait till I'm 62.
"Thank you Lord for allowing me to see another birthday, another year full of blessings. I look forward to all you have for me. Let me enjoy my days regardless of what's around me. In Jesus name, AMEN."