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Crochet for Home Decor

Usually in the summer, I take a break from heavy crocheting and beginning in the Fall, I really start making a lot of items for the holidays. I'm gettin' ready early this year and so I was wondering what kind of things to make.

Well, Pinterest is a great place to go when you need inspiration. And I saw a lot centered around decorating the home and I thought, "Yay...I can do that!" So this post is the first crochet placemat set I've made and the pattern is really easy from FiberFlux (video below, but here's the link:).

I got myself a bunch of cotton yarn the last time I went to Hobby Lobby and so for these two placemats, I actually crocheted with two strands to make them a bit more sturdy and to help them lay flat. I must say...I LOVE LOVE how they turned out. So rather than use them for plates, I decided to make them a centerpiece on my tables.

I bought the vase and flowers above from the dollar store including the rocks and pebbles inside the vase. The placemat just compliments the runner and table so well.

Basically the pattern is just working in the round and increasing until you get the size you want. Then, for the edging, it's just picot stitches. In fact, I crocheted these two in a day! It was so much fun making. I love easy patterns like that.

This is also a great in between project, cause if you're a crocheter or knitter, you probably have several projects going at the same time. And if you're like me, you have to take breaks and do other things. This is my new go-to pattern!

This placemat was made with verigated cotton by Sugar and Cream. I used white for the picot edging. This one sits on our dining room table and of course I had to make pom poms for the centerpiece, of course!

In case you want to make these placemats, here's the video:

She uses three colors so you can make this anyway you like. Because the colors in our apartment are neutrals, I wanted to match that with my set. It's a whole of fun creating and decorating for the house with yarn, my list is growing with new ideas! So what's up next? I'm going to do some more pillows for the chairs in our living area. Stay tuned...


  1. Oh my gosh I want one!!! Need to put in request

  2. Hey Charlie girl, I'd be glad to make you one! Email me at kimscrochets@gmail.com.


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