Crochet Patterns I Want to Make

crochet patterns I want to make

I can't tell you how many emails I get everyday with new, beautiful patterns and I want to make all of them! I just save them in this "stuff to make later" folder in my email so I decided to narrow down my list a bit and share video tutorials of the patterns I've got my "eye" on and will try to make soon.

I love the colors in this wrap + this is a channel I follow and I've made lots of her patterns. They're usually very simple, quick to make, and the items usually turn out great!

I've been on a home decor kick lately as I'm slowly re-designing our apartment (praying for a house and will write about that soon) and crochet is perfect for home decorations. Baskets make good organizers too so this is a pattern that's definitely on my radar.

I've already made this pattern for our dining room table, but I put it here cause I plan to make more! Also, you can turn this into a rug just by adding more rounds or less to make coasters.

I'm very curious about Lion Brand's "Shawl in a Ball" because you're supposed to be able to make one shawl with one skein of yarn. Typically, that's impossible so when I saw this pattern, I watched the video and it's a lovely piece so one of these days I'll buy this yarn and try this pattern!

I just think this is a such a pretty motif that can be turned into anything. The colors in the video make me think this pattern would make a beautiful Christmas tree skirt.

I LOVE purses! I just need to buy some nicer handles like in this video, get better at lining them and I'm in business! This is a pretty pattern!

My next post might be on Knitting Patterns I'd Like to Learn! Stay tuned...