Fallen Petals

We all go through major disappointments and sometimes we're left feeling like fallen petals. When I accidentally hurt a flower by picking at it too hard, I feel so bad. I know the flower has no soul, but still I don't want to hurt it. Not long ago, I was faced with a hard decision and I felt so many emotions - grief, confusion, sadness, disbelief.

Handling these feelings was hard at best for me. And for more than two weeks, I kept doubting myself and I even felt orphaned. I was leaving behind some good memories, but I was also leaving some horrific situations that were not changing for the better. I just couldn't live this way anymore.

daisies with fallen petals

It sure takes God's grace to come in and help me. It's been a few weeks now and I'm feeling better going forward. The next steps seems scary but again grace is upon me and I know The Lord will guide me to the next phase of my life. Sometimes, we have to face the facts that we have to leave behind toxic things.

If something or someone is poisoning us, why stay and die? We wouldn't knowingly drink poison, but we will keep friendships, relations, and acquaintances that are literally sucking the life out of us, because we're afraid to leave it all behind. I know it takes God's grace and strength to say, "hey, I'm going to take care of myself now," and for me, it was necessary. It wasn't easy to do and it wasn't a decision of selfishness, but actually of survival.

I have some fallen petals, but new ones will grow and blossom. They will be stronger than before and will cover the tears I've cried and the anguish I felt. Even through the anxiety attacks I had, I still felt God's peace take over. I'm so thankful to have a close relationship with Jesus cause without Him, we all fall apart.

daisies heart
Jesus' love is forever. My Lord, thank you for giving me your strength to smile replacing my tears.

photos in this post courtesy of pixabay.com.