I'm Not Weak...Just Grateful

I'm not fooling myself thinking that I have my life under control. Fact is, I can't control anything or anyone. Being a Christian doesn't mean I'm weak, it means I realize that without Jesus, I can't even wake myself up in the mornings. If my hearts stop beating, that's it! I'm extremely aware of my finiteness. Life is fragile and being thankful when all is right in the world is a lot easier to do than when your world is falling apart. But still God says to come to Him in a state of gratitude no matter what.

I believe it is more than just keeping me from complaining but to keep me hopeful and I've had difficult times remaining positive. I have told myself that everything will be alright and "this too shall pass", but easier said than done. I tend to feel things very deeply and when I get hurt, it's evident that I withdraw and retreat until I'm strong enough to move on. It's a characteristic that Jesus has been working on with me. Being weak in others' eyes is not the way God sees it. My dependance on Him allows Him to work in and through me to be strong when I need strength.

It doesn't take weakness to complain and feel angry and sad. It actually takes strength to stay thankful no matter what.heart

What do I do to remain grateful? To stay happy?

  • I verbally thank The Lord for every blessing He's done for me. All of this is so I will recover quicker and get back to being a happy girl. The longer I remain sad, the longer it'll take to move past negative emotions. Fact is, we all get disappointed in life, we all feel pain at different times, but that only means to draw closer to Jesus, because during the bad times is when He does the greatest healing.

  • I keep a journal to write in. I use it to express my deepest feelings to Jesus. It's not for sharing, it's a private journal just for me. By getting out my feelings, it helps me to move on. I have a journal with devotions each day and a scripture but it gives me the end margins to write and draw in. Some days I just write what I feel, other days I may feel more creative that I will draw. Tonight, I simply wrote "be grateful even when you're hurting". Journaling is a very helpful and healthy exercise for my mind and body.

  • I turn on gospel music. Praise and worship songs always improves my mood. I created a YouTube playlist that I go to and it really helps me get my mind off myself.

  • Help someone else. Giving my time to another person seems to give me strength and my focus is turned onto spending time with friends and encouraging them. Meanwhile, that gives God opportunities to take care of my needs.

These tips helps keep me in a thankful and grateful mood because I appreciate the things and the people I have in my life.

But I'm not instantly in a mode of gratitude and happy all the time...it is a process, but I can say that I feel better everyday when I choose gratitude over grunting.


  1. Kim That was so helpful and inspirational. I love you my sister and am so grateful for you.

  2. I'm so glad Charlie, I love you back my sister! ~ Kim