Photo Lookbook: A Mini Sabbatical

There are times after a hard week, you just need to get away and relax a bit even if it's for a day or a weekend trip. Hubby and I drove down south along the coast stopping at some of our favorite spots. It was time of refreshing to get away from work, deadlines, to-do lists and housework! We went past country farms, creeks and rivers, and gardens of flowers. I could see God's beauty everywhere.

The weather was fantastic, in the high 60s with a breeze and plenty of sunshine. It's my kind of weather for sure. I love living on the Pacific coast for its mild winters and cool summers. I brought my crochet with me, but I have to admit, I did very little with it. I sometimes need a break from crafting too. I just sat back and let my mind wander. Rest is not something easy for me. I love to be busy, my hubby can attest to that. He is trying to teach me that my mind needs to rest as much as my body. So, I brought my little Fuji point and shoot and took pictures.

herd of cows

Not sure why I was so fascinated by these cows but I was. They were sharing the space with the horses and when we stopped to take a look, some of them looked back. Most of them moved further away from where we were standing. I just like to watch animals in their natural habitat, I find animals so interesting.

ocean1We made it to the ocean during high tide and watched the waves. We love to do that. I can never get tired of being near the waters. The winds really picked up by afternoon and it was a bit tricky to steer the truck, but it just didn't matter. We were enjoying our time away and we weren't in a hurry to go anywhere. We took our time exploring new places for hubby to take photos of later on. I left all my work emails behind me...all 50+ of them. Never knew how bad I need this mini sabbatical. I so recommend getting away even if just for a short drive on a country road.
horses Must be nice to be wild and free!

ocean on a slant
Playing with angles!

Hi from hubby
Hi Hubby!