So Many Emotions

The field

I wish I knew just how many emotions I feel in the course of a day, cause I go through a lot of them I must admit. Some days I am more calmer and steady, other days I'm maybe up and down, and then there those days where I'm all over the map. There are positive and negative feelings.

A lot of times my emotions come as a result of reacting to circumstances or to problems happening to friends and family. And, I have to watch out how I respond back. Acting on negative emotions can lead to disaster. Also, not dealing with my emotions is bad too because I tend to keep it all inside. I talk to The Lord silently and privately but I'm learning that sometimes I need the calming ears of another to help me work through my feelings.

There's been times when I have let my bad emotions build up inside and then exploded and I just felt even worse, but I'm so thankful that Jesus forgives me so easily. He made us to have feelings but He never meant for us to be ruled by them. I'm learning to stop and think (and I mean I'm learning!) / praying is my best response to tense feelings in work and play.

I always feel better after taking some time before I act or respond and it even works with emailing. Some of the people in my life I don't see so email is our only method of communication. And because of that, I have to keep in my mind that I can't tell what they are feeling when they email me so I will re-read messages a lot and tweak my response before I hit the send button.

I thank God for feelings, but I thank Him more for giving us the Holy Spirit wisdom to know how to use them. May I get better and better at controlling my emotions.