What Crochet Hooks Do You Like?

crochet hook

What crochet hooks do you like to use? When I started crocheting, I remember my first hook was a blue plastic one. I don't remember what size it was but I loved that hook. I lost it though and never found it.

I stopped crocheting for years and when I started back, I used aluminum (picture below) which I used about three years until I injured my wrist. These are strong hooks and I really like them and still have my sets of every hook size.

aluminum crochet hooks

After my wrist got better, I changed hooks to acrylic (pictured below). If you're interested in my post comparing crochet hooks types, you can read it here. I like these hooks the best, they're warm on the hands and my favorite are the set containing the L - P sizes. These hooks seems to be longer in shape and size than the aluminum so I really feel like holding them.

The smaller set is fine except they can break and I know cause I broke two: size I and H. So, if I have to use these, I go back to my trusty aluminum set.

For my birthday, I got some crochet hook grips and so I haven't tried them out yet, but I put them on my aluminum set. I'll see how they work next time I go to use them.

acrylic crochet hooks

What types of crochet hooks do you like to use? Aluminum, acrylic, wooden? Do you use grips? What size hooks do you use the most? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below.