What to Do with all those Leftover Balls of Yarn?

balls of yarnIf you do anything with yarn, you know you will have lots of these extra scraps or balls of yarn left over. I actually have a large plastic bag full of them and they come in handy for crocheting decorative edgings on blankets and what not. Still, I can't use it up fast enough as I'm always buying more yarn. So, what to do with it besides throwing it away?, which personally I don't like to do.

So, I've got a few ideas to share with you!

Dishcloths. This is an excellent way to move extra cotton yarns you have left over. Plus, they are a great in-between projects when you need to a break.

Granny square coasters. With small balls of yarns, you can easily make multi-color granny squares and use them as coasters OR how bout attaching them to make a blanket or bag?

balls of yarnFlowers. Scrap yarns are perfect for making a bunch of flowers and keeping them in a bag. You can use them to adorn a purse, clip them and wear as a broche or even in your hair!

Tassels or Fringe. This is another terrific way to move these scraps yarns out off your shelves because they can be added to shawls and or scarves.

Pom Poms. This is one of my favorite ways to use up my scrap yarn. I own the Clover pom pom maker and I love it! Pom Poms work so good on hats and scarves, but also to embellish purses!

Baby clothes. Because you don't need as much yarn, why not use those scraps to make newborn or preemie hats? You might even be able to make matching mittens. Also, because you're using less yarn, you'll get finished faster as well.

Doll making. Do you make dolls or make clothing for dolls to sell? Scrap yarn is perfect for hair or accessories like belts.

Embroidery. Scrap yarn is great for making stuffed animals like lovies and for creating the faces, ears, and tails. Also, I've used extra yarns to knit little scarves for the stuffed animals to wear. Makes such a great gift for children.

And if you still have extra yarn left over, you can just let your kitty cat play with it!