A Good Night's Sleep Makes it Alright

My days are rather long with work during the day and creative stuff at night and there are times when my body just will not let me crochet another row or knit another stitch. My mind agrees and I find myself yawning more and fighting stupid thoughts. 

I don't always listen like I should, but there are nights I have to go to bed early. And it really does help the next day. I wake up feeling more refreshed and my mind clearer. It might be cliche to say we need a good night's sleep, but it's true. God made us to rest and not work ourselves into the ground.

Another thing about a good night's sleep is that I can leave all unfinished tasks, deadlines, unsolved problems, and tired emotions. While my body is resting, so is my mind. We're not machines and we just, even though we might like to be, can't be the energizer bunny!

Also, sometimes you have to make a big decision and you have to sleep on it. I've made good decisions before, but I've made bad ones and some of that was because I didn't give myself time to ponder it. Emotions are up and down all the time, but somehow in the morning things seem clearer and feelings are calmer. Sleep is good.


  1. Yes you are a hard worker and a sweet lady. More good things to come from our sewing sessions.

    1. Oh thank you Sue, I can't wait for us to start sewing again!😍