Becoming a Princess

There's so many things I love about her outfit and the photography too. First off, LOVE the gown. When I was a young girl growing up in Chicago, I would dream of being a princess and being rescued from the hard life ahead of me. I remember drawing in my little book sitting on the floor of my closet and just letting my imagination take me to places that were beautiful, safe, and surreal.

I love the fur collar and on the sleeves. The pattern is very pretty too and I wonder how these garments were made so long ago. Even her hairdo is intricate in detail and probably took hours to get it just right. Like her makeup as well as it is natural and yet pulls me into a fantasy world of knights in shining armor, castles, and palaces.

The two dogs are adorable and blend in so well with the snow and our princess.

Fashion is also about dreaming, it's existed for years and years. Every period in history has its own line of clothing. I've often wanted to try on costumes from this period just to imagine what it must have been like to live in that era.

Every generation draws us in through many looking glasses like travel, food, and fashion. Even though I didn't live in that time period, I can still dream of being that princess living in this tall beautiful castle wearing elaborate gowns, but thanks to God I don't need a rescuer, for He is that to me too.