Chunky Yarn and Chunky Needles

Lately, I have fallen in love with my new large knitting needles! I'm making a chunky square blanket for myself because whenever hubby and I go out photographing, I get cold sitting in the car. Well, I saw a video tutorial by "Wool and the Gang" on knitting this blanket from squares and sewing them together in the end.

What's so cool about the pattern isn't just the simple garter stitch pattern, but the purpose behind the project. The organization that partnered up to do the video are knitters that come together making the squares and then sewing them together to make these blankets for refugees living in Europe. I inserted the video later in this post.

I have gotten really good at the garter stitch which, if you're not a knitter means you knit every row, no purl stitches. I'm using my straight 19" wooden needles and Lion Brand's Hometown USA yarns. Instead of using a bunch of colors, my vision for my blanket is a chess or checker board. I'm using brown and cream throughout and since I'm using large needles and super chunky yarn, the squares work up in about 20 minutes for me! Woot woot!

I picked up my pair of needles at Michael's, but you can also get them from my Amazon store. These needles are from Lion Brand and they're plastic which is also a great set for beginning knitters like myself. In fact, all my sets are either wood, bamboo, acrylic, or plastic. Click the needles below to get yourself a pair or two!


Video title: How to Knit a Blanket - Step by Step

Isn't that blanket purdy?! I wish I had the money to buy that much yarn from Wool and the Gang, I hope to at least place an order from them soon. In the meantime, back to knitting my blanket!