Do you Like Veggie Chips?

Once I got the urge to try some veggie chips. Uh huh! I was trying to be careful reading the labels on the ingredients and what not. I remember feeling nervous when I got home, because I bought these over my beloved "Lays Limon" chips. I was taking a HUGE risk. I'm not sure it paid off. You see, I tasted them both, the chips are assorted but I didn't like either bag.

Oh I hate when I take a gamble and it doesn't pay off LITERALLY!

Maybe it's an acquired taste and I'm not sure I can acquire it yet! I love veggies, so perhaps I need to make my own chips and see how they turn out before I make a final judgment.

How you like the pics? Taken by my famous hubby ~ Ken McDougal photography
I asked hubby to try them and he wasn't crazy about them either. We both know we'd like to lose some weight so we've made some diet changes already. Have you ever tried veggie chips?, or do you make your own?