Ideas for a Sewing Table

When I knew I was going to learn to sew, I quickly started gathering up supplies and then one day hubby and I went to one of our local thrift stores and there it was... the sewing machine I needed to get started. And, it was in such excellent condition. Someone really loved her.

Anyway, you know my office space is rather small, so how in the world could I create a space or table to house a sewing machine? I took some help from different sources like of course, Pinterest, and a few other places. I got two of those wooden tv trays and put them together side by side. Then I got a beautiful white tablecloth to cover it. And the trays make a very sturdy table.

I placed some of the items I go to regularly like my pins, buttons, and a cup for my scissors and rules to sit in. I was even able to fit a small lamp on the table when combined with the sewing machine light, I can see what I'm doing very well.

If you have a small craft room space and you're struggling to organize it for your sewing machine, take a look at some of the pics from my new Pinterest Board "Sewing Room / Table Ideas:

Pinterest Board: Sewing Room / Table Design Ideas

I think the first thing I want to add is a peg board!